About Us

Elrom Import & Marketing Ltd

Elrom was founded in 1999 as one of the companies of the Zbeda Group.  Since its establishment, Elrom has become the leading company in the bus and truck industry, both in the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) market and aftersales of spare parts.

Our primary customers are bus manufacturers (buses, minibuses, and specialized vehicles), bus operators, and operators of large fleets of trucks.

We offer a full line of products from the top manufacturers in the world in order to meet the needs of our clients with high quality products.

As a member of the Zbeda Group, the leading corporate group in all sectors of the automotive market, we also provide a one-stop-shop for all items offered by the group’s companies. 

In addition to our routine business, Elrom also works on specially-ordered projects for a wide range of vehicles, both existing models and new specially-designed vehicles (buses, minibuses, special 4x4s, etc.).

Our goal is to continue growing and developing new fields in the industry, as well as providing the best solutions, and offering high quality products and professional service.

The company's brands

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